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DIY, memory, movies, music, and other kewl stuff
Posted Monday, March 23rd 2009 @ 12:38 am

~ a few years old / 3524 days ago


So, my bro-in-law has had the DIY bug for some time and has fashioned some SNES carts with external laptop hard drives (along with his continual quest to shove a MP3 player into a NES controller).  I just saw the post on Hack-a-day of a guy that modded a toaster with a SNES system and I got an idea: a 2-slot toaster SNES cart drive dock!  Most of the external drive case internals are small and easy to re-locate for modding purposes.  The base of the toaster will hold the male USB connectors and the slots will handle aligning the cartridges.  To extract the drives, use the toaster plunger to pop them up.  Oh my gawd this is too kewl...I might make one.

On another DIY note, he also gave me a new flash card holder: a Zippo lighter.  This thing is great.  Basically, he emptied out a lighter.  That's it!  (pix here).  This is great because the latch on the clear plastic carrying cases that the flash memory comes in usually breaks off or doesn't securely latch and you have memory all over your pocket.  Not to mention that they are not really designed to hold multiple cars.  This thing stays closed and holds quite a bit of flash cards including the full size SD cards perfectly.

Just picked up two 16 gig MicroSD cards at Fry's for $50/each (not bad seeing as they are currently going for about $75).  The bro-in-law got me the Sony memory stick to MicroSD converter so my PSP is sportin' more space.  The other replaces my day-to-day 8 gig MicroSD that was getting full.  I have a couple of the Kingston USB to MicroSD adapters and I thought that was small.  I was wrong.  The Japanese have the market cornered on small:  Elecom MicroSD reader (nice!).

As far as memory/storage space goes, the new extended storage spec (SDXC using MS exFAT; FAT 64) is being developed with a theoretical maximum of 2 terabytes (still not enuff for me).  But then again SDHC cards (which we all use now)  has a 32 gig maximum and the 16s are just hitting the streets (unfortunately, at class 2 speeds; 8 gig SDHCs are at least class 4).

While I love my current computer case (and future final resting place), I love seeing new mods like these: The pyramid case mod, eBaum's More computer case mods gallery (the R2D2 case pwns!)

I'm still waiting on the Mimo UM-740 7" USB monitor (800x480, webcam, microphone, audio pass through, and touch screen) to get more exposure in the states as this would make a great add to a in-car project I'm working on.  This might be getting released under the D-Link brand name as the SideStage (seeing how they demo'd the thing at CES this year).

I talked in a earlier post about that great on-line game Auditorium (and they've finally released the full version for $11) and now have found another physics-based game that is just as awesome: Crayon Physics.  This works great on my tablet and my 9 year old daughter loved it.  It's a series of 1 screen puzzles where you have to draw in the various elements to get a ball to a certain point on the screen; gravity, pivot points, wedges, levers, etc.  I played the thing until the demo ran out (full version is $20).  Definitively worth a look.

Got a chance to go see Fanboys when it premiered...the Block was one of the 2 locations in California that was showing it for 2 days so I went...funny as hell for anyone old enough to know the actors.  Lots of great cameos.  I went in my 'Star Wars' t-shirt which was totally appropriate.

Found a new remix group going under the name "Digital Dog". I can't get enuff of their mixes (mostly dance pop style...a bit off my trance path) of Rihanna, Britney Spears, The Saturdays, Pink, The Pussycat Dolls, and others.

Other great stuff I came across in the last few months:

In memorandum: Hellgate: London, I played you for hours and luv'd your graphics.  You will be missed.


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