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Like everyone else with too much free time on their hands, I too have a web log (or blog for short).  Entries are listed newest to oldest but only the latest 10 are displayed initially.  If you want to view more entries, modify the ordering or sorting, etc, just use the sub-navigation or table pagination links to get your desired result.  Just note that the older the blog entry, the higher the chances are that the links contained within it are no longer working.
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Pry it (my HTC Mogul) from my cold, dead hands
Posted Thursday, June 18th 2009 @ 03:17 am

~ a few years old / 3386 days ago


The next line of new phones are (or are already) coming out and not a single one of them is on my wish list.

The guys over at Gizmodo put together a quick comparison chart of the iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs, Palm Pre, the Android G2, and the Blackberry Storm. Not a single one has all 3 conditions that is satisfied by my current HTC Mogul:

  • Hardware keyboard: I found that I like to use it when doing SMS and email responses vs. the on-screen keyboard for inputting contact info and scheduling notes
  • Storage expansion: this is a must. I've 16 gig MicroSDs in all my gear now (and they are all full)
  • Camera w/ flash: I use the flash to double as a flashlight at night more than using it for taking pictures :-)

Features I can live without:

  • WiFi: that's what cellular broadband service is for (I pay $15 a month for unlimited data)
  • Multitouch: how many fingers do you think you can get on a mobile screen before you can't see what your doing, honestly
  • Headphone jacks: they have stereo bluetooth headsets nowadays (although, I'll concede that I like the OPTION of either or)
  • Gaming acceleration: this is why I've a 24-inch monitor at home.

I mainly use my phone for listening to music, Google maps for directions and real time traffic, watching my pre-recorded TV shows like Eureka, Fringe, House, Mental, Dollhouse as well as my standby favorites (South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, the original Twilight Zone, Pink Panther cartoons, Tom & Jerry, etc), getting my messages from my multiple email addresses, appointment reminders, and using the internet to get movie start times (you really can't 'browse' the internet on a mobile screen).

Oh yea, and to make calls every now and then.

...and now for something completely indifferent:

  • JamLegend + Xpadder: turn your PC into a rock band console (I picked up a wireless guitar controller for $15 and the rockband drum kit for $25 at Frys)
  • Dub FX: another really good vocal loop music artist
  • GoogleSatTrack: cuz they actually track that lost toolkit!
  • TPB: FarNorth: since MaguMagu seems to be on vacation (or federally detained)
  • Text to binary: cuz you want to see your name translated into binary
  • Giz's dirtiest desks: so I can feel good that I'm not at this point yet
  • Eyesight+gaming=good: study shows that playing games can be good for the peepers
  • Seatbelt keychain: now I've something to do with all the extra seatbelt locks other then making pant belts outta them
  • X-ray funnies: all your fav gaming consoles...under the gamma ray
  • The Red Green Show: for all those DIY-ers out there (me included); duck tape is your friend!
  • hmmmm, seems I'm a decent impressionistic artist now (this isn't really me)
  • We didn't start the flame war: cuz I DID!
  • Moon: cuz the Stanley Kubrick in me likes the 2001 taste (plus the homepage pix almost made me have a seizure)
  • Heatmapper: know where all your neighborhood open WiFi spots are (an which ones are WiFi noobs with default router settings)
  • Ars on Father's Day gifts: hehe...Build this bong!

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