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Like everyone else with too much free time on their hands, I too have a web log (or blog for short).  Entries are listed newest to oldest but only the latest 10 are displayed initially.  If you want to view more entries, modify the ordering or sorting, etc, just use the sub-navigation or table pagination links to get your desired result.  Just note that the older the blog entry, the higher the chances are that the links contained within it are no longer working.
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Am I about to do a 180 on the iPhone? Nah.
Posted Sunday, June 28th 2009 @ 01:52 am

~ a few years old / 3376 days ago


Did a few lookups on YouTube for new Digital Dog and Bimbo Jones works...the new Jordin Sparks 'Battlefield' mixes are great.

So, I got a little hands on time with the new iPhone 3gs (damn you Rick) and I gotta say I'm ALMOST a convert.  I'm still not liking the lack of a memory card slot and the lack of a Windows-based SDK (there is no way I'm buying a Mac just to develop apps for the iPhone).  The new digital compass at first seems like a joke but then you realize that they tied this in with the maps so that the map rotates based on the direction your facing.  Nice.  The maps even support a breadcrumb feature too.  The lack of a flash (as a flashlight) is kinda moot as there is a free flashlight app that turns the screen white and sets the brightness to 100%.  As for the lack of a sliding k/b I'm sorta impressed with the landscape k/b that the iPhone has now. I also dig on the 'Play more like this' voice command. I'm able to sorta pull this off in my Player app by creating a playlist that is based on the currently playing genre+year.  Another feature I like is the auto geotagging.

This got me thinking...why doesn't my WinMo phone support geotagging.  Well, it's just not built in but it can be added.  I've found a free geotag app from Locr that will tag photos with GPS coordinate data in the EXIF data.  How it works is you run Locr first and tell it to take a photo.  It then launches the photo camera app and once the photo is taken, it adds the geotag info to the file.

I just started playing with Boxee and I must say I'm very impressed with the way it handles video menuing and my large video library.  It downloads the coverart, gets the movie description, and (if available) will display a option to view the movie trailer.  Its sorting of my audio library was a bit off though :-S.  This is a free open-source media center app akin to Microsoft's Media Center.  It's scriptable via addons written in python (one of the many scripting languages I have yet to sit down and learn).  I like that it creates a content history that gets uploaded to their site (if you create an account) that you can then share with others that you allow to view (think of it like friends in facebook).  The online history shows what you watched/listened to as well as what files you rated/hated.  I currently have no friends in Boxee so I can't expunge too much on this yet.  I do love the '' app (lolcats-a-plenty).

Caught a bit of Virtuality...gag.  Seems like a collection of greatest moments in Sci-Fi bundled into a package that only newly joined followers of sci-fi will enjoy.  There are countless pulls from 2001 and Star Trek that it's sickening (this reminds me of the South park episode "The Simpsons already did it"...btw, Tweak kicks Kenny's ass in my book).  Watching this is making me beg for Caprica and SG-U to come out.

Links of my (and maybe your) interest:


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