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Like everyone else with too much free time on their hands, I too have a web log (or blog for short).  Entries are listed newest to oldest but only the latest 10 are displayed initially.  If you want to view more entries, modify the ordering or sorting, etc, just use the sub-navigation or table pagination links to get your desired result.  Just note that the older the blog entry, the higher the chances are that the links contained within it are no longer working.
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Oh, hey! Didn't see you there (Part 1)
Posted Tuesday, March 16th 2010 @ 10:20 pm

~ a few years old / 3114 days ago


Egad, where to begin?

A few months ago my trusty Asus P5W DH Deluxe died...just didn't want to power up any more. It would start to power up but then abruptly shut down.  I figured the power supply was dying (after all, I'm powering 9 hard drives as well as all the mobo stuff and video card).  A trip to Frys and a small teardown later, I confirmed the problem was NOT the power supply.  Next, I figured the problem might be a bad add-on so I uninstalled all my cards+memory and power.  The LED on the mobo was on indicating that power to the board was just would never turn on.  I performed a system CMOS reset (unplug, remove battery, short the pins for 10 seconds)...still nothing.  I took the CPU heat sink off and applied a new, fresh coat of Arctic Silver thinking that the problem might be the CPU overheating...still nothing.  Here's where it gets a bit weird.  I actually have 2 of the Asus P5W DH Deluxe mobos, mine and my daughter's PC.  When I tried to turn her PC on (completely different box), I got the exact same result...the power supply would kick on, but then shut off 3 seconds later.  At this point the only common element between the 2 computers was the motherboard.  I decided to test the theory.  I bought another mobo (pickings are slim these days for socket 775 boards; ended up with a MSI G41TM-E43; a HTPC mobo for ~$70) and placed all my parts onto that and everything worked fine.  I can see no physical problems with my old board (cracked solder points, bulging caps, no burnt smell) so I'm inclined to think something foul is a-foot.  So, now that I figured out that the problem was the mobo, my question is: "How do 2 P5W DH Deluxe mobos, in two different machines with completely different hardware, die on the same day with the same symptoms?"

I picked up the 775 mobo, I also decided to pick up a new mobo+cpu+mem:

  • EVGA X58 3X SLI
  • Intel 3.06 GHz Core i7
  • 4 gigs Kingston HyperX DDR3 7-7-7

The family Thanksgiving and Christmas were at my house this year.  Lots of food.  I started a new tradition (I hope); before Thanksgiving, I picked up some white glass ornament balls at Wal-Mart and a package of colored Sharpies.  Now, when friends or family visited between Thanksgiving and Christmas, they get to decorate a ornament with the colored Sharpies and put it on our tree.  This worked out great and everyone loved the idea.  I think we got just about everyone to do one (or two). 

I finished up the tool shed I designed and started building back in December (due to weather issues like rain and really cold days it took longer then I wanted).  It completely covers the 8'x11' slab, has a 6'5"h x 5'9"w entrance with dbl-sliding doors.  One end of the A-frame siding is hinged to allow for access for rafter storage.  All in all, a good design me thinks.  My bro-in-law helped me out with the tear down, framing and siding while I tackled the A-frame, roofing, and sliding doors on my own. My nephew's Dennis and Eric helped me stain the thing (Behr semi-transparent oil-based stain-Cedar Naturaltone) once it was together. Next, I need to work up a plan for some custom shelving in there so I can start moving all the gardening, landscaping, piping, and irrigation stuff on the back porch and garage in there. Some pictures of the finished shed.

Once the garage is cleared I can start playing with my 2007 Shopsmith. I picked it up used (hardly any wear + manuals) with a bunch of accessories at the Santa Ana Re-Store for $750 (originally marked at $1200) which included:

While the Shopsmith is great, the prices on new parts and accessories are major-steep.  I'd like to get a hold of the beltsander (retail: $429), jointer (retail: $490), planer (retail: $1200), and scroll saw (retail: $699) if I can find them used, in great condition, and cheap.  I'll just need to keep checkingCraigslist once or twice a month.  I'd also like to get the Mark V 510 to 520 Pro fence system (retail: $425.69) but chances are I'm not going to be able to find that used.  I may just need to buy another used Mark V with this on it and and hopefully the other add-ons that I want. The Lift-Assist (retail: $189.99) would be nice too.  There is a pretty good site called Shopsmith Hands Online that has videos on how to use the Shopsmith and all the parts and accessories which is quite good.

Picked up the Sprint HTC Hero (back on a 2 year contract; Sprint's Any Mobile, Any Time plan is nice)...the HTC Mogul I had was starting to come apart at the slide-out keyboard.  The Hero is running the Android OS and lacks the camera flash and slide-out keyboard that my Mogul had.  I'm still playing around with Eclipse (IDE) and Java as I try to start programming for Android.

One of my FB friends was talking about a trip he took, indulging in a bacon-wrapped hot dog (I love to get these on my trips down to TJ). I figured I do a search:

Other links that caught my eye (it's a long's been over 6 months since my last post):


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