Here you can find the various programs and scripts that I've written.  Most of these scripts are self-explained within code comments while others may contain a HTML (or SHTML) file that discusses the script in detail which I strongly suggest you read before using the script.  If you should have any questions concerning the programs and scripts listed here, please make sure to read the Support & Legal docs first before contacting me.  Initial record ordering is ascending by name.


 Autorun.exe is a small utility that you place on MSC devices (flash drives, external hard drives, etc) that can be triggered via the autorun.inf. Since the auorun.inf cannot be used to run a shortcut or batch file directly, you need to supply it a .EXE or .COM file. Autorun.exe acts as the middleman. [AU3][EXE]


 Bubbletips is just that...a bubbletip generator. Use it in your batch scripts if you want some sort of VISUAL notification as your batch files run. This is similar to my Talker project that allows for AUDIBLE notifications. [AU3] [EXE]


 CATS, short for Content Acquisition and Templating System, is a framework script that utilizes plug-ins for data acquisitioning, nestable HTML templates and SQL-like parameters to query and display data from *any* source. This allows you to create a wide array of content systems such as dynamic file lists, web logs (blogs), link lists, What's New tables, photo albums, up-to-the-minute inventory status reports, and much more. [PHP]


 The point of this tool is to allow administrators on networked systems to execute (dah) commands (think SMS without having SMS) on multiple PC's; such as in a computer lab environment; by editing 1 monitored file. Primary use will be for mass shutdowns and logoffs (here's a great page with most, if not all, native NT/XP commands). On the evil flipside (in my case), I wrote this gem to punk an unsuspecting joke-ster coworker (hehehe, I'm using the XP shutdown commands as well as launching applications that will seem like random). [AU3] [EXE]


 Just a simple folder-to-hotkey utility I cooked up for another project for creating your own hotkeys in Windows. Allows for Ctrl, Alt, Win, Shift, and a large number or other special key combos as well as allowing for multiple files & programs to be launched with 1 combo. Makes use of AutoITScripts ShellExecute (to launch apps all at once) and ShellExecuteWait (to launch apps one at a time, waiting until the previous one closes). Worked so good in the originating project I decide to break this functionality out into a separate program. [AU3] [EXE]


 This is a very small utility I came up with that will *forcably* close all running taskbar'ed applications (if work is unsaved, it's toast), leaving services and SysTray'ed apps untouched. I originally wrote this tool to be used in conjunction with my EXECUTE utility to allow computer lab instructors/aides to effectively *reset* all the workstations en-masse such as when prepping systems between classes. [AU3] [EXE]


 Launcher is a SysTray app I wrote to monitor for removable drives and when it detects a new connection, it can check that device for a user-definable file to execute. If the file is present, Launcher launches it or any other user pre-defined file. Works like the standard autorun.inf except that you can be prompted to cancel within 10 seconds, launch any file type, and control the startup window state. [AU3][EXE]


 Prompter is a commandline customizable Windows message box dialog that allows you to display message box dialogs/prompts with various options and also allows you to define commandline calls based on the user response. [AU3] [EXE]


 Query is a small tool for passing SQL statements to SQLite databases and displaying or writing the results on-screen or to a file. I wrote this tool to extract play lists from my player music manager project $button_it can be used on any SQLite database. [AU3] [EXE]


 Relocate is a window manipulation app that not only allows one to move the active window to the next left (WinKey+Left arrow) or next right (WinKey+Right arrow) screen but also allows for FULL SCREEN/MINIMIZE, TOP RIGHT, BOTTOM RIGHT, BOTTOM LEFT, TOP LEFT, TOP HALF, and BOTTOM HALF using the WinKey and your NumPAD. Also supports maximize (WinKey+Up) and restore (WinKey+Down). Supports multi-monitor setups as well as screen wraps in case your on the left most screen and go left again...your window will wrap to the far right screen (or monitor, same for going right). [AU3] [EXE]


 Talker is a simple implementation of the text-to-speech tool that is part of Windows XP. The code is less then a dozen or so lines long, written in AutoIT. Call Talker with a command line sentence (wrapped in dbl-quotes) and talker will convert your text into Stephen Hawking-ish styled speech. Nothing spectacular but a ton of fun to play with. Great as a audible cue for when processes finish: talker.exe "Backup process finished, now executing nuclear detonation countdown". Enjoy. [AU3] [EXE]


 Vistas is a SysTray utility that allows one to easily define multiple backgrounds on systems that are running with multiple monitors or to stretch an image across all monitors in a panoramic style. More of a personal project for my own use, this app serves to pick up where Microsoft left off when they omitted Active Desktop support in Vista. [AU3] [EXE]


 Volrun is a volume monitoring tool in that it doesn't care about specific drive letters but rather monitors for specific drive volume names. When a new volume name is detected, Volrun launches a associated batch file. If one does not exist, Volrun prompts the user if they would like to create one. If the user selects Yes, [volumename].bat gets created in the location with volrun.exe. Great for centralizing all your auto launch batch files making updating them enmass a whole lot easier. [AU3] [EXE]
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