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Here you can find the various programs and scripts that I've written.  Most of these scripts are self-explained within code comments while others may contain a HTML (or SHTML) file that discusses the script in detail which I strongly suggest you read before using the script.  If you should have any questions concerning the programs and scripts listed here, please make sure to read the Support & Legal docs first before contacting me.  Initial record ordering is ascending by name.


 CATS, short for Content Acquisition and Templating System, is a framework script that utilizes plug-ins for data acquisitioning, nestable HTML templates and SQL-like parameters to query and display data from *any* source. This allows you to create a wide array of content systems such as dynamic file lists, web logs (blogs), link lists, What's New tables, photo albums, up-to-the-minute inventory status reports, and much more. [PHP]
code filter >> all au3 dos exe perl php support


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Cats v.4.06 [open source] Plug-in: "text" Template size: 30 kb Script: 0.0022 secs Plug-in: 0.0038 secs Overall: 0.0060 secs