Oct 17th, 2018
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A small utility to allow for bubbletip notifications when used in batch files.


Bubbletip is just that...a bubbletip generator.  Use it in your batch scripts if you want some sort of VISUAL  notification as your batch files run.  This is similar to my Talker project that allows for AUDIBLE notifications.

It's Windows-based, open source (GNU), and solely written, maintained, hosted, and supported by me, Sean Shrum. Source code is written with AutoIT (.au3) and the most recent version can be found via the source link in the navbar above.  If you're just looking for the latest binary build, it can be downloaded from the binary link in the navbar above. Click here to get my list of AutoIT tools.


I do A LOT of batch files on my own home network and in my professional work.  I often run batch scripts that do a lot of things over a long period of time.  Bubbletips gives me a VISUAL indicator as my batch files do their stuff.


Bubbletips takes 4 arguments (in any order):

  1. [T]itle; the title to display in the bubbletip
  2. [M]essage; the message to display in the bubbletip (required)
  3. [I]con; icon to display...0=none (default), 1=info, 2=warning, 3=error
  4. [S]econds; the number of seconds to display the tip (default=10)

Make sure that if your values have spaces in them (and they most likely will) that your enclose them in quotes.  Examples:

bubbletip.exe t="Bubbletips testing" m="This is a test" s=10

bubbletip.exe t=Ta-Da m="Processing complete..." i=1 s=20


If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., please make sure to read my Support & Legal page first.  If you question is not answered after reading that page, feel free to use the Support button / Systray menu in my applications to submit a request.  I welcome all input and hope you find my application helpful.

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