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If you frequent my site, you'll notice that I update it quite a bit.  Due to its size and scope, updates are scattered all around.  This listing serves as a quick reference for those who only want to look at the newest changes.  By default, the latest 15 updates are listed below (with links to the changed or added content) but you can view all the changes using the table pagination links below.
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2017.01.26 @ 10.50.00

~ 2 months old / 62 days ago

 Sub level links appear to be fixed. All is well again. Might do some work on the CATS script again as I can foresee issues with calls to files that may not be at the root, current dir, or template folders

2017.01.25 @ 22.26.42

~ 2 months old / 63 days ago

 Top level navigation is working (Sean's blog, links, files, code, photos) but sub leveled content nav is gonna be iffy. Working on setting up a local web server with XAMPP to make code corrections faster.

2017.01.25 @ 20.43.56

~ 2 months old / 63 days ago

 Recovering from a hack job that forced me to reset my site. Some page links are not functioning properly but it is being worked on.

2013.10.16 @ 13.56.02

~ a few years old / 1260 days ago

 Posted my Volrun app for volume name monitoring / batch file launching. Details can be found on the project page via the link.

2013.10.16 @ 05.29.47

~ a few years old / 1261 days ago

 New links link: /sean/links. Things are progressing but some things are not updating. I'll need to track down these bugs.

2013.10.16 @ 01.06.10

~ a few years old / 1261 days ago

 Moved Files to /sean/files.

2013.10.16 @ 00.55.17

~ a few years old / 1261 days ago

 Posted 606 highlight photos from my 2013 Yap, Palau, Guam, and Truk Lagoon trip.

2013.10.16 @ 00.50.38

~ a few years old / 1261 days ago

 Moved and renamed the Moblog dir to /sean/photos. Removed the old photos.

2013.10.15 @ 15.16.19

~ a few years old / 1261 days ago

 Whole site update; purging out old content to implement a new directory format. Site will be up and down for the next few weeks.

2012.09.10 @ 12.57.18

~ a few years old / 1661 days ago

 Haven't posted here in a bit. Catch me on Facebook for now. Been globetrotting quite a bit with my SCUBA habit.
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