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If you frequent my site, you'll notice that I update it quite a bit.  Due to its size and scope, updates are scattered all around.  This listing serves as a quick reference for those who only want to look at the newest changes.  By default, the latest 15 updates are listed below (with links to the changed or added content) but you can view all the changes using the table pagination links below.
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2017.11.29 @ 20.17.26

~ 10 months old / 321 days ago

 Posting back up about 5,500 photos from the old site. Hopefully won't run into some overwriting due to filenaming.

2017.11.09 @ 15.51.24

~ 11 months old / 341 days ago

 Just found out that Nikon's file numbering setup resets to '*_0001' after '*_9999' (damn, I've taken over 10K pictures). It handles this internally by creating folders "100D7100", "101D7100", etc. This however is an issue when I'm attempting to combine old photo files with newer ones into 1 folder. Photos will be going thru some more maintenance.

2017.11.09 @ 14.37.08

~ 11 months old / 341 days ago

 I run all my photos thru a batch to lower the resolution as to retain my rights to the original file. Seems some of my photos got dbl de-rez'ed. I'll see about correcting this later. You'll know which ones when you see them.

2017.11.06 @ 18.34.10

~ 11 months old / 344 days ago

 Sean's Photos area is back (however not in it's entirety...yet). Album link creation will be forthcoming in the future.
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